I have come late in life to collecting Marx figures. As a boy I was a Mego/GI Joe kinda guy. I can't even remember seeing these around when I was growing up. My Significant Other however, has very fond memories of her and her sister using Johnny as a butch alternative to Ken and liking the girls from the BOTW line better than Barbie because they were more realistic and articulated better. As she once put it, "When you put them on a Marx horse they were the correct proportions to the animal, unlike Barbie and her horse where Barbie's feet drug on the ground, and as a bonus, THE HORSE WASN'T PINK!" Once a tomboy, always a tomboy I guess. Anyway, I have made it my mission to get as many of the different figures for her as possible. While collecting these for her, I have fallen in love with them myself.

...and I don't care how much she whines, the Vikings are MINE!

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